Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What it's all about

Pens and writing utensils in general tend to excite me to no end, hence the name of this blog.  My goal is to write and comment about pens that I use, interspersed with my other hobbies and interests. Most of the pens I have are purchased at JetPens.com, but there are other websites and I sometimes beg my family in Singapore to send me more.

I'm a student at Augustana College in the Quad Cities in Illinois.  I live in the Chicago suburbs however and play baseball. I'm majoring in Classics (Ancient Greek and Latin) and I'm also learning German, Classical Arabic and Japanese, which should help in reading the labels on the plethora of Japanese pens that come out every year. Discovering which pens work best for what languages is a lot of fun and is also a great excuse to continue writing. I am also an amateur pen spinner. If you have no idea what that entails, I highly recommend seeing the video at this link:


 I look forward to writing in this blog and reading comments and above all trying new pens and papers.


  1. Very interesting, we seem to have a lot in common: I also started with Pilot Petit1s, I am a fan of Lamys and Noodler's, I have studied Koine, and love baseball. I'm curious though, when you say that you play baseball, do you mean in an amateur league or what? There aren't any for adults around here. :( Your name doesn't sound Singaporian though; are you an MK? :)

  2. Aside from jetpens.com, where are your favorite places to order pens from (other than begging family, as mine is all here in the states with me, LOL)

  3. @Me: I play baseball for my college team and in various leagues for competitive adults at or above the college level in the Chicago suburbs. Some of the teams are semi-pro. My father is white and my mother is Singaporean, so that left me with a white name, mostly because I was born in America.

    @Ferretkingdom: I've ordered pens from jetpens.com and jstationery.com before and so far they've pretty much covered everything. You have any favorite websites?