Monday, January 3, 2011

Noodler's Empire Red (UK series)

       The last of the inks I received for Christmas, Noodler's Empire Red, was an ink that first drew my attention because of its label. Noodler's inks usually have fantastic labels, but this one is particularly good.  In some instances you can judge a book by its cover.  I was also drawn to this ink because of its eternal qualities, because I use inks for schoolwork and can't have them coming off a page if it's a bit rainy outside.

They are a nice couple aren't they?

This ink is extremely smooth and writes a little wet on the page.  I'm amazed that this ink writes on Moleskine paper really well, just like Noodler's Axmatoba, which I recently reviewed here. There is no feathering on even cheap papers and the ink behaves very well in the few pens I tried it in.

The ink label that could stop a man in his tracks...

This color is pretty unique as far as reds go. It's paler than an ordinary red and isnt as dark as a standard red. It has pretty much no shading at all and dries after a couple seconds. I was surprised to have found that this pale red ink turned a sickly yellow-white under a blacklight. This led me to believe that this ink is a combination of standard red and Noodler's Whiteness of the Whale. I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to mix this ink with the right ingredients. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other inks in this series, such as Queen Victoria's mint and Socrates, but especially the latter because it seems like it will be a very unique ink with great characteristics.

Edited to add water test picture!

Aha! Finally an ink for comparison. Noodler's Red-Black will be featured soon!
You can somewhat see, how in the center of the blacklight,
 the ink "whites" out. Thar' she blows!
After a 5 minute soak, the ink held up exceptionally well!


  1. Thanks for the review... is it just me, or does it look almost pinkish? Would it be possible to scan the review? I've been looking for a good red, but I'm not sure if this will be dark enough. I'd prefer a darker red.

  2. Nice colour and great review

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! ThirdeYe, I've just edited the post for a water test and the picture is much more accurate for color.

  4. Thanks, I've just found my new ink for marking tests and essays. No more students changing my corrections in order to squeeze out an extra mark or two.