Monday, January 31, 2011

Noodler's Blue Ghost

I apologize for the brief hiatus in blog posts, but a combination of school and college baseball have been a bit trying on my already hectic schedule. Hopefully I'll be able to get back on the horse and get more posts up!

Invisible ink. The tool of secret agents. Those of us ink nerds who aren't secret agents, I have a few questions for you. Do you deal with everyday problems such as forgetting account passwords, writing in borrowed books, writing in your own books (it bothers me at least) or glowing in the dark at parties! If so, this is the ink for you!

I promise to get a picture of actual writing with this ink
up soon, but since my photography capabilities are limited,
I should be able to edit it tomorrow!
A few weeks ago, I purchased from a 4.5 oz bottle of Noodler's Blue Ghost. I have been extremely curious about the UV qualities of many of Nathan's inks and as such, I was curious about this ink specifically because it is viewable in ONLY with the aid of a blacklight.  What could I possibly use this ink for?  Being ever the child at heart, writing secret messages to people immediately jumps to mind, even though realistically, I don't have anyone who would go through the trouble to read them.  The idea did spring to mind in a class with teacher who I especially dislike, that I could tell her in my own words on a homework assignment how I truly felt about her teaching and let her have it.  It would truly be a great exercise in stress relief... assuming my teacher never finds out.

One of the most interesting properties of this ink is that it is bulletproof. This ink is very difficult to wash off of your hands, but who's going to be seeing it anyway? On paper, the ink flows as well as expected from the included Platinum Preppy .03 and is as visible as expected under the blacklight.  The ability to write in glowing letters in the dark is really cool, and if I could video the process, I would, but since my only camera is my cell phone, it would be pretty difficult to do.  I suppose the possibilities aren't endless with this ink, but I suppose if you did want to make an ink uniquely yours, you could add this to it. There's no guarantee that the ink would remain bulletproof however, since they're very fragile in the aqueous state.  This ink without a doubt rocks the world of invisible inks.  Also, it isn't a ballpoint pen, so you don't have to worry about the telltale pressure marks left behind.

I can at least pretend to be the next James Bond, but who knows maybe I'll catch Anna Chapman's eye.

Eternally Inked,
The Classicist


  1. Isn't the 4.5oz bottle a bit too much? I wouldn't imagine myself using it a lot. What pen are you using it in? Do you have a black light?

    I was thinking about these invisible inks and I'm not so sure it's a great idea to write passwords in them. That wouldn't be secure enough. On the other hand it might be worth marking certain items such that if someone else takes/steals them you can easily prove it.

  2. @peninkcillin: The 4.5 oz bottle is cheaper, especially considering it came with a platinum preppy and keychain blacklight. I personally feel that the innocuous nature of a blank piece of paper taped to a desk is not going to prompt a random blacklight search. If you aren't comfortable with just that, you could write between the lines of something else and that would be more deceptive!

  3. If you go by the ink cost alone, the 4.5oz bottle is about the same price as the 3oz but you're also getting a pen with the 4.5 bottle so yes, you are right, in the end it's cheaper. My issue with the 4.5oz bottles is that it's hard to fit a pen through the opening.

    Yeah, you can definitely write between the lines of, say, certain books on your shelf.

  4. Thanks for the review. Blue Ghost is awesome. I use it to write my personal journal in a sketchbook; I can do light pencil sketches over top of the writing, so no one would think the book is anything but a sketch book and I can keep my journal private. I also sometimes use it to add discrete notes to my day planner or meeting notes at work.

  5. Thanks for showcasing this very unique ink. I appreciate you linking to me as well! I'm sorry I didn't find your review earlier! I don't know how I didn't find your blog sooner. I guess I'll be stalking you more from now on haha! The neatest use I've ever heard of this ink was for a teenage girl who was writing love letters to her boyfriend overseas in the military. She was able to write private messages discretely without him getting hassled by his fellow soldiers!

  6. @Brian Goulet: That is so damn cool!!!!!!!!